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Casa Tarradellas

At Casa Tarradellas we have inherited from our predecessors the utmost respect for artisanal tradition and the desire for improvement; for this reason, day after day, we try to improve our products and innovate with other new ones, in order to provide solutions for daily meals.

We want to prepare the best recipe and we select carefully the best ingredients. Because at Casa Tarradellas we want each of our products to be of the best quality. To achieve this we are very selective with the origin of all the ingredients: from the choice of the best meats, from our farms, to obtaining the best wheat for threshing and getting the best flour. This is one of our values.

We work thinking about the best way to help to the utmost in the kitchen. From our ingredients for healthier, tastier and quicker preparation of pizzas, to our meat products, such as Espetec fuet, the pâtés or the slices of boiled ham that go down well at any time, to the most innovative such as the Mixto Sandwich grilled sandwich.

Our effort in evolving day after day is based on research and innovation and is reflected in our delicious products. Enjoy them!


Tradition and quality

We are based in the county of Osona, surrounded by snow-capped mountains for a large part of the year and exuberant vegetation. The scenery is extraordinary. The centre of this magnificent plain is called Plana de Vic, a place where cereals have been grown for centuries.

We are agriculturalists and farmers, descendants of people who cultivated the land, bred livestock, and later discovered how to turn it into delicious meals and food.

In Casa Tarradellas we are loyal followers of that tradition. This is the origin of our reputation and our success! Our values are tradition, craftsmanship, origin and quality, ideas that we express in the image of our farmhouse.


Constant Research

Casa Tarradellas was founded as a meat-producing company, but moved by a concern for constant innovation, we made the leap to becoming a food company with the launch of the first pizzas, and later offering a series of new products that were not present on the market. We do not just innovate with new products though.

Another equally important task is the improvement of all the products we have on the market. In this process the participation of our consumers and all the people who work at Casa Tarradellas is of great importance, because they contribute with their ideas and help us progress day by day.


Care for our manufacturing processes

We are a food company within the national sphere. We apply a strict control in our preparation processes and we have a great respect for the environment, based on our know-how and experience that has defined us since our origins. This is why we have received the following certificates:

  • Environmental Management System according to Standard ISO 14001.
  • EMAS Certificate, a voluntary environmental quality validation certificate. Request more information about our EMAS certificate here.
  • IFS – International Food Standard.
  • BRC – British Retail Consortium.
  • OSHAS 18001.

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