Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas launches a virtual Room Escape game

The virtual game that Casa Tarradellas is launching this summer – The Casa Tarradellas Room Escape – allows users to have fun following the trace of an Espetec Fuet through all corners of the country house.

A fun game where you’ll have to follow the clues to solve different family mysteries. The participants can win a batch of Casa Tarradellas products.

It happens to all families: Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas does not even last 24 hours at home. An Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas goes fast, even two of them: it just disappears!! A mistery, right?

That’s why Casa Tarradellas launches this Room Escape game; a game that challenges you to find all the clues inside and outside the country house to complete different mysteries. Will you be able to solve all of them?

It is time to get inside the country house, where you’ll find 5 rooms where the family usually lives: we go through the garden, the dinning room, the living room, the barbeque and finally… the kitchen. A mystery in each room that you can solve by inspecting every corner of the house looking for clues that can help you build a hypothesis and solve the mystery.

Clues related to the everyday of the family, their habits, details… that will help you solve the mystery. We recommend you to watch the full advertisement of the Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas campaign to know more about the family. You can also read the presentations of each and every member of the family to get to know them. Remember everything can be a clue!

This promotion starts on 19th July and ends on the 23rd August. Every Tuesday during these 5 weeks, a new room in the house will be opened and you will be able to look for a number of clues that will help you solve the mystery. 5 mysteries, 5 rooms in the country house, a family and Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas.

For every mystery that you play, you will get 1 point and for every enigma that you solve, one more. The maximum you can get is 10 points, which will allow you to get the participation ticket for the final raffle of 25 Casa Tarradellas product batches. So, having fun with the Casa Tarradellas Room Escape has prize!

The Casa Tarradellas Room Escape is available through the website Besides, you can follow all the news in the social networks of Casa Tarradellas (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Casa Tarradellas’ fans can now enjoy the most enigmatic advertisement of Casa Tarradellas and play this fun and original Room Escape.

About Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas

This campaign of Espetec Fuet from Casa Tarradellas goes back to each and every home through the main national and digital TV channels, and it re-appears in very good company. Casa Tarradellas wants to solve different mysteries going on in the Espetec Fuet country house and it has created a new game from the enigmatic ad to do so: the Casa Tarradellas Room Escape game.

Espetec Fuet by Casa Tarradellas has earned its unconditional place on the shopping basket of many Spanish families. Its recognized quality and authentic flavour have made it a highly appreciated product for breakfast or as a healthy and natural snack perfect for at all times of the day.