Now the Barbecue Pizza from Casa Tarradellas with extra sauce!

Casa Tarradellas reinvents the Barbecue Pizza that now comes with extra sauce and bigger slices of bacon.

Are you crazy about the barbecue sauce? Then, this is the pizza for you. Try it out!

We have reinvented the barbecue pizza with added extra sauce. We have made it with tomato sauce and premium quality pork and beef meat, high quality mozzarella cheese and tastier than ever bacon slices from Casa Tarradellas.

The barbecue pizza new includes an extra sachet of barbecue sauce to add a personal touch if you wish.

You can try a pizza that creates and explosion of barbecue flavour in your mouth. Do you dare to try? It is very easy and simple!

One of the new elements of our pizza is that it comes with bigger bacon’s slices to strengthen the special taste of the barbecue pizza. A very crunchy and tasty base! Casa Tarradellas offers a wide range of pizzas with 12 different flavours.

All our pizzas are stone baked in a wood fire oven and we only use the best wheat from our own mill. The new pizza recipe Rustic Chicken Casa Tarradellas combines the flavour of marinated grilled chicken toppings with other ingredients. Have you already tried it?

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Eat well. Eat at home.

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